Jelly Sugar-Free Various Flavours

A sweet treat, delicious and refreshingly, guilt-free and a versatile addition to dessert and sweet recipes.  

Benefits and claims: Gelatin is great for skin, hair and nail health. Sorts out a sweet tooth and keeps you on track sustaining a keto lifestyle.
Features: Gluten, Nut and egg free jelly mix

Macros per 100ml made up: NC less than 0.1g, sugar 0g, fat 0g, protein 1.5g, sodium 23mg, calories 7 (30kJ).
Ingredients: Gelatine, Acidity Regulator (330), Sweeteners 952, 954) Flavours Colours (110). 

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient:
Aeroplane Jelly flavours for yoghurt, cheesecake, mousse, fat bombs, gummies, rocky road and other sweet treats.


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