Salt and Vinegar in 80g and 250g sizes 

We were missing the taste of Salt & Vinegar and discovered the hard way that sploshing vinegar onto crackers and wraps just made a soggy gross mess! This is why our Salt & Vinegar seasoning is so good. And at zero carbs and our usual 100% clean ingredients,  we're super glad we can release it to your imagination for uses.  

How to use: Sprinkle Salt & Vinegar seasoning in dips, on wraps to make salt and vinegar tortilla chips, on crackers, over french fries, on cooked fish, it's delish on cucumber, in salads, on avocado, over pork crackle snacks and if doing low carb sprinkled over hot popcorn. The list of uses goes on and on. 

For your convenience the Keto Salt & Vinegar Seasoning comes in a 80g shaker with a handy sprinkle flip-top lid or a 250g jar to refill your shaker with. Also available is the cutest ever set of measuring spoons. Because for some recipes measuring small amounts like a dash 1/8th tsp, a pinch 1/16th tsp or a smidgen 1/32 of a teaspoon is key to repeatability of success. 

Macros per 25g: Carbs 0g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Sodium 4g    

Ingredients: Non-Iodised NZ Sea Salt & Pure Vinegar Powder 
These are 100% pure clean ingredients because we say a big NO to fillers like sugar, maize, preservatives, canola and other inflammatory oils.

Care with use: both vinegar and salt have a risk for eye irritation. Wash hands after use just as an extra precaution in order to avoid getting it into your eyes. Should the powder get into eyes, continue rinsing eyes with water and seek medical assistance.

Storage: Store airtight in a dry place. 


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