Golden berries 
100gm bag - certified organic

Golden berries are like the fashionable version of dried cranberries and raisins, only much lower in carbs and they make having dried fruit still a Keto option.

Organically grown golden berries are also known as Inca berries or Cape Gooseberries and we love them because they are: 

  • incredibly flavoursome, citrusy and chewy
  • gives a lovely boost to smoothies and baking
  • have no preservatives or sulphites added
  • certified organic Ceres brand.

Benefits: They have the more vitamin C than blueberries (11mg vs 9.7mg per 100gm) and are higher in Vitamin A

Macros per 25gm (4 servings in a bag): Net Carbs 2gm, Protein 0.5g, Fat 0.2g, Dietary Fibre 0.8gm, Sodium 6mg, Energy 55kj.   

Allergens: Packaged at the Ceres Organics NZ facility that also processes other ingredients containing allergens.

Keto Friendly Recipes using this Keto Ingredient:
add to smoothies, Keto oatmeal, or as a snack for on the go and pssst it's also the fruit that's in our traditional hot cross bun recipe pack. 


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